Club Team

We are happy to announce the 2014 Club team! Members of the WMBA Club Team compete in mountain bike races, lead group rides, help to organize WMBA events and contribute to all aspects of WMBA under the guidance of the WMBA Board of Directors. We are women from all walks of life, with all levels of mountain biking experience, with families and careers and other interests just like you.

Jillian Casler
Dorothy Cothran
Teresa Cole
Sharon Engle
Noemi Estella
Stephanie Esquell
Kayla Fisher
Regina Kornmesser
Stephanie Leclerc
Melissa McMartin
Jessica Niebuhr
Amelia Taylor
Jen Zink

We want to thank the 2013 Club team for all their hard work that made the 2013 season a great one!

(The Gazette, Christian Murdock)









Colleen Cameron
Andrea Caraway
Teresa Cole
Sarah Gibeau
Betty Gilbert
Diane Gilliam
Wendy Kimmel
Carol J Lyndell
Tara McCarthy
Cami Newsom
Connie Shaner
Anais Spitzer
Cherie Stadjuhar
Amelia Taylor
Kristen Uhlemann
Jessica Verplank
Emily Villadsen
Jennifer Zink